How to pick the best beach towel

How to pick the best beach towel

You’ve probably heard the stories and maybe even experienced it for yourself. Sand that never vacuums out of the car, a musty smell that can only be associated with mildew, and a bland design that feels generic. It’s a day at the beach with a subpar towel that’s turning what should have been one of the best days of the year into a nightmare. That might be a little dramatic, but by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to avoid anything like that.

Microfiber beach towel fabric

What is the best material for a beach towel?

The material of your beach towel plays a crucial role in its performance and your enjoyment.

The most common towel types used at the beach also lead to a situation like the one mentioned above. That is your classic cotton towel. Sure, they’re soft, absorbent, and heck, they're great for using at home. BUT THEY’RE NOT GOOD FOR THE BEACH. Cotton takes forever to dry, making it heavy, damp, and prone to sand sticking.

This is where microfiber towels come in to save the day, but not all microfiber is created equal.

The best microfiber material for the beach should have the right thickness, weight, and sustainable manufacturing process. A thicker microfiber is preferred as it can still be compact while having enough weight to prevent it from blowing away in the gusty sea breeze. As for sustainability, microfiber is primarily made of plastics, which means that it is possible to manufacture them using recycled bottles. The material does not have small loops like those found in cotton terry cloth, which means that you can have a beach towel that is sand-free. A recycled beach towel with a waffle texture feels incredible against your skin.

Best beach towel size
What is the best beach towel size?

A beach towels size should be large enough to lie on comfortably but not so large that it's a pain to carry. It’s nice to have plenty of length for your body with your feet in the sand and enough width so you can set things like sunglasses, your phone, or other things you don’t want sitting in the sand. We believe the perfect beach towel sizing is about 62" x 34" inches. A towel this size provides ample coverage while still folding up compactly. 

Beach towel colors

What’s the best beach towel color?

Ultimately, color selection is a personal preference. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing colors. Darker colors draw in more heat, allowing them to dry more quickly, but a light-colored towel stays cooler if you're using it somewhere that’s absolutely scorching. Another thing to consider with a lighter color is that it will show dirt more easily. We usually design our towels with timeless earthy tones rather than neon colors that go in and out of style. 

Beach towel folded

Some other things that make a great beach towel?

A hanging loop is a nice feature. Of course, it makes finding places for hang drying towels easier, but it also helps keep them from blowing off the hook.

The design is also another important consideration. In our opinion, the design should not only make you feel good when you're using it but should also inspire you and spark conversations. A towel that features a unique design on each side gives you two different looks for the price of one towel.

Lastly, the warranty on the towel helps provide a good idea of the towel store’s confidence in the quality of their product. We provide a lifetime warranty on all our products.


Laek beach towel


Choosing the right beach towel can make your beach days more enjoyable and frequent. We understand this, and that’s why we design towels that tick all the boxes. Our microfiber towels are exceptionally soft, quick-drying, and durable, ensuring your comfort for years to come. The waffle texture of our towels is thick enough to withstand the sea breeze, yet lightweight for easy carrying. These sand-free beach towels are easily packable, and they come with a sturdy hanging loop that provides easy drying and extra room in your bag.

Explore new coastlines and leave sand in its place with a Laek beach towel.

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  • I plan to get a recycled beach towel with a waffle texture – this sounds perfect for a Sandy beach!

    Cheryl Wistrom on
  • Finally something sinceable everyone should have them!!!

    Michael Cooley on
  • Congratulations Kim Henrichs! You have been selected to win one of our Pastel Beach Towels. We will email you with the info to get the towel soon.

    Laek Team on
  • I’ve never had a “beach” towel. The ones that I have used have all of the “cons” listed.
    I would love to buy one of these for my beach trips to Mexico.

    Andrew Hall on
  • I love the idea that it is made out of recycled material!

    Chris Ingalls on
  • The beach is my happy place and why not be comfortable and conscientious while enjoying it’s delights? I love that a potentially sustainable and eco-friendly beach towel may be the best choice for the beach.

    C Scharber on
  • I would say the most important characteristic of a beach towel would the absorbancy and dry rate of the material – because without good absorbency and a quick dry rate, what would even be the point of having a towel

    Sam on
  • Wow, I never thought I would read - and enjoy an article on how to select the best beach towel! But I did, and I am grateful!

    Michael Odza on
  • Lots of thoughtful details, and I appreciate them all. I note the lack of cotton loop construction but is that really enough to shed sand?

    Michael Odza on
  • Your towels sound very thoughtfully designed, but how do they handle the sand that inevitably collects on top? There are “sand-proof” beach blankets now. Do I need both?

    Michael Odza on

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