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How to choose the best thermal coffee cup

Reusable coffee mugs are the best option over disposable cups. By now, it is common knowledge that the more single use items we can eliminate, the better. Choosing a high quality cup does so much more for you than just reducing your impact on the environment. Not only do they help you start your morning right, but they also keep your day going strong. There are several terms being thrown around, but the differences between a tumbler, mug, and cup are minuscule and these terms can often be interchanged with one another. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Insulated Thermal Cup

Insulated Cups vs Non-Insulated Cups

Insulated mugs have a double barrier that keeps your drink safe from the elements. The outer wall gets hit by hot or cold elements, while the inner wall keeps your favorite beverage safe inside. A small space between the two walls keeps them from affecting one another. In contrast, a non-insulated mug only has one barrier. When the elements hit the singular barrier, the liquid inside is directly affected. Not only do the elements outside change the drink inside, but the opposite occurs. Single barriers get condensation and can also become very hot depending on the temperature of the liquid. Non-insulated drinkware is good for room temperature beverages (as long as it stays in the room), but overall insulated drinkware is far superior when you are going to be out and about. 

Leak proof coffee mug

Spill Proof Mug vs Non Spill Proof Mug

A leak proof mug allows you to get around without the headache of spilling on your clothes, car seats, or bags. No spill coffee mugs have better insulation because the heat can’t escape easily. Non leak proof mugs typically still include a lid, but the lid will have a small hole or a slider to close the opening. They often leak if tipped over or sloshed around making them not ideal for traveling or commuting. The main benefit of these mugs is that they allow your boiling hot drink to cool down as long as you drink it in time before it’s too cold. Though the best spill proof coffee mugs maintain heat, you can always leave the opening uncovered to let your drink cool (it’s the best of both worlds). Spill proof mugs ultimately are better suited for a life on the go, but are still versatile enough to be perfect for around home.

Coffee Mugs for Cup Holders

Handle vs No Handle

Mugs with a handle are a classic. The handle was designed to keep your hand off the cup because traditional coffee cups get very hot like we talked about earlier. Insulated technology has allowed us to remove the handle while keeping the outside of the mug at room temperature. Some insulated drinkware still have handles because the cup is too wide for holding. A slightly narrower design is optimal for holding and also fits in most cup holders. 

Minaret Travel Cup


The Minaret Thermal Mug is designed with all of the above factors in mind. Strategically made with a double seal lid, this mug offers the perfect trifecta: spill proof coffee mug, smooth flow to save your throat, and double insulation to keep your liquid hot or cold longer. You can also leave the top off to allow drinks to cool down if they are too hot. Whether your adventure consists of hiking, traveling, morning commutes, or 9-5 day dreaming, this insulated mug has your back. Kickstart your day with a travel mug you can count on.


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  • I just lost my fav. and am now looking for a replacement

  • The mug looks great

  • Looks like a decent mug. I love a good insulated mug when I’m out and about in the Red Rock area

    LIZ on
  • This is what I need!! Thank You.

    John on
  • The mug looks great would luv to have one to save from using all the plastic mugs an paper cups that are being disposed of all over the world

    Carol Foster on
  • Got to keep the coffee hot.

    Justin on
  • Your Minaret Thermal Mug is exactly what I am looking for! It is perfect for travel and for outdoor events, hiking or skiing it would be fabulous! Great to keep me warm and cozy! ⛷️🏂

    Judy Rittenhouse on
  • I really need one of the minaret thermal mugs. I like the design and positive effects on environment.

    Patricia K on
  • One thing that I’ve found is that simpler is better. If you have a cup with a button that opens the drinking holes, over time the button will jam. It is very hard to mess up a screw top.

    Richard Bollinger on
  • My Mom took my siblings and me to the very first Earth Day. She instilled in us about respecting the environment and recycling everything possible. She was a maverick. I have done my best to do the same with late son, the folks around me for decades. It is very difficult to find a good solid coffee mug that keeps the coffee hot and is sleek enough to fit in my van drink holder. I also just had hand surgery due to my autoimmune diseases so having a good grip is a must. I will have to have more surgery on the other hand in the future. I really need a good drip, a great grip so it does not slip!

    Helen Speight on

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