Adventure Towel vs. Beach Towel

Adventure Towel vs. Beach Towel

Our adventure and beach towels share similarities and differences, making them versatile for various situations.

Drying off with travel towel

Both towels are highly absorbent and quick-drying, ensuring you and the towel aren’t left damp and uncomfortable. They feature the highest quality recycled microfiber fabrics that are plush and durable. These microfiber towels are sand-free and antimicrobial, leaving the sand where it belongs and deterring funky smells. Both options include a functional hanging loop for easier drying.

Compact towel for travel

Considering their impressive size when unfolded, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much space they save when packed.  Every design is created with a balance of form and function to inspire new ideas and experiences. With a unique design on each side, every towel offers a different look for each use.

Warm beach towel


The key differences between the two travel towels are their size, weight, and feel.

Our adventure towels are made of microfiber suede, making them incredibly lightweight and compact. The fabric is thinner, and the texture is more smooth with a soft, fluffiness. Unfolded, it’s a full-sized towel at 56" x 31" inches, but its rolled size is only 8" x 3" inches, taking up a fractional amount of space in your travel bag. Weighing at just 0.5 lbs (8.6 oz), you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it. 

Microfiber suede towels

Our beach towels are made of a microfiber waffle fabric, which is thicker. The material is plush, and the waffle texture feels outstanding against your skin. We chose this fabric for our beach towel because its thicker feel and extra weight make it perfect for bundling up in. It also helps the towel stay down when gusty coastal winds kick up. The towel is oversized at 62" x 34" inches, making it ideal for laying on and fully wrapping around yourself. With a rolled size of 10" x 4" inches and at 1.2 lbs (19.8 oz), it is still ideal for traveling but not quite as lightweight and compact as the adventure towel. 

Microfiber waffle towel

In conclusion, if you’ve got plenty of room in your bag or are using the towel locally, we’d recommend going with the beach towel for its larger size, warmth, and coziness. If you need to keep things incredibly lightweight for backpacking, carry-on luggage, or anything else, we’d recommend going with the adventure towel.

Feel free to check out our unique designs and the stories behind them.


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  • Thanks for describing the towels so well. The adventure towel is easy to pack and is very thin and antimicrobial, so it travels well.

    Sunnymay on
  • Thanks for describing the towels so well. The adventure towel is easy to pack and is very thin and antimicrobial, so it travels well.

    Sunnymay on
  • It’s amazing that someone finally created fantastic towels for different uses. Both of them sound great, but the beach towels sound like something I can really use for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean and Tahiti. I need something that folds up small, is lightweight, feels good against the skin, and is super absorbent.

    Donna C on
  • Glad the beach towel is available I could use it often

    Edward Grantz on
  • Essential for Traveling!

    William D on
  • I think I need a beach towel to keep at the office so I can dry off after walking to work every day in the torrential rains of the rainforest in which I live!

    Rebecca S. on
  • The adventure towel is to inspire one to go out on terrestrial or, perhaps, now celestial excursions in an efficient minimalist design.

    The beach towel is evocative of waves and dunes, being sufficiently substantial to allow one to claim their patch of sand in the sun.

    Burt Ray Simpson on
  • You had me at Adventure. That’s all I need out of a towel!

    Denise C on
  • These adventure and beach towels will be great for my after runs, camping, hiking or beach depend where I’m going. These will be great for my outdoor adventure.

    Sandy Tsoi on
  • The adventure towel sounds great to bring along on a bike packing trip.

    Kelly Dong on

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