Minaret Rebrand & Name Change

Minaret Rebrand & Name Change

On every continent and in every kind of environment—in mountains and deserts, on plains, and near seashores. Varying greatly in both size and depth. Temperature, light, precipitation, and wind are contributing factors to the outcome. This is Laek, and these are the places we’re built for.

Minaret MTN has been rebranded to Laek

What is the reason behind the rebrand?

Our mission at Minaret is to inspire people to venture outdoors and embrace new experiences. The brand's name was initially inspired by the majestic Minaret mountains in the Sierra Nevada Range, which are renowned for their breathtaking jagged peaks. Unfortunately, the name was often associated with the Islamic term "minaret," which was not the intended meaning. This led to confusion and difficulty in searches and recall, creating an experience that could have been better for our customers. 

Along with this factor, a unique name was necessary to better reflect where the brand is heading and our values. While our vision remains the same, our products are evolving, and we are excited to introduce our new brand name.

Laek Outdoor Brand

Why the name Laek?

I wanted the name to be related to words like depths, lengths, distances, locations, and diverse environments. Ultimately, those are the places our products are made for and the adventures we hope our customers enjoy. After months of thinking and research, I thought "lake" was the perfect word to describe those things, but it just didn’t feel quite right for the unique brand we’re creating. It needed to be catchy, short, memorable, and evoke emotion when seen. I believe that the word "laek" accomplished just that. What immediately stood out about the word when written out is how the “a” and the “e” reflect one another, creating a level of symmetry and intrigue. A unique spelling for a unique brand.

To be clear, while our products thrive in and around lakes, our gear is designed to be used in all conditions, making it perfect for any environment.

Laek Pronunciation

Aside from the name change, what else is there to look forward to?

We’re introducing new products that are practical and have a unique story behind them. We believe a product that tells a story leads to more stories being created and shared by its users. 

Now, more than ever, we’re focused on using premium, sustainable materials of the highest quality. Building sustainably and ethically made gear will withstand the test of time so you can be confident anytime and anywhere.

Our product line is expanding rapidly, offering more choices to more people, catering to various adventure needs, and promoting new ideas.

Our customers have been and will always remain our top priority. To enhance your experience, we have taken a more thoughtful approach not only towards the products we create and materials we use but also how we communicate with you. We’re looking forward to sharing more about what this looks like as things roll out.

We hope you will appreciate our new brand and join us in our journey as we introduce new products in the coming days. 

Thank you for your continued support!

- Jordan

PS: Most of our Minaret products are on clearance sale at up to 70% off if you want to get any before they're gone forever.

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  • Loved Minaret! Bought my towels before they became so popular and have so many adventures where they accompanied our family. MEMORIES!
    Best of luck with the relaunch. We will continue our support!

    Bill Fingleton on
  • Whether minaret or laek, using other products would be like crappin yer pants. no excuse for it!!!

    Kevin on
  • I laek it a lot!

    Papa on
  • Laek. I truly love this rebrand. It makes me think of the outdoors and all the beauty that that encompasses. I look forward to growing with you.

    Jennifer Arndts on
  • I Love that your product takes in consideration of all weather conditions. The name is very unique.

    Janice Penson on
  • When I think of a minaret, I used to think about the top of a church. When I think of a Laek, I now think about being lucky enough to win a cool premium mug!

    Jeff Pollock on
  • Nature heals.After your first cup of coffee touches your soul, try some tree bathing.

    Mark Duncan on
  • Laek! Wishing you you great adventures on this next step of the journey ascending to higher heights and challenging deeper depths!

    Grace on
  • I didn’t know where the minaret name was from, so totally get the name change!
    Laek is short and peppy!

    Emes on
  • I am over the moon about your new name! I already loved Minaret but Laek is like a breath of fresh, mountain air! The outdoorsy vibes (because it rhymes with lake) are hitting all the right notes, and I couldn’t be happier to support you on this adventure!
    Here’s to countless more adventures together with your fantastic gear and goodies!

    Adriana on

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