10 Ways to Get Outside This Memorial Day Weekend

10 Ways to Get Outside This Memorial Day Weekend

We honor all of the courageous men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting for our freedom. Wherever you find yourself on memorial day weekend, we encourage you to remember those who lost their lives defending our country and the families of their loved ones they left behind. Here is a list of 10 ways that you can enjoy your weekend because of the freedoms that we have here in the USA! 

Memorial Day Weekend Backpacking

1. Go Backpacking

Grab your pack, put your phone on airplane mode, and hit the trail. Backpacking is one of the best ways to experience the places that we are free to explore. Some of our favorite things to do while backpacking is catching the sunrise with a piping hot cup of coffee in an insulated backpacking mug and jumping into icy cold lakes with a lightweight towel awaiting. You can check out our “HEALTH BENEFITS OF JUMPING INTO ICY COLD LAKES” article for more about why you should consider jumping in on your next trip.

Memorial Beach Day

2. Beach Day

Emerge from what seemed like an extra long winter to bask in the sand and sunshine. Don’t forget a sunhat, umbrella, sunscreen, microfiber beach towel, and swimsuit. Although the water may be just a stones throw away, it is especially important to bring your own bottle to stay hydrated. We recommend bringing along a 32oz insulated bottle so you have plenty of cold water.

Surfing On Memorial Day

3. Sharing waves

Getting out in the ocean is the perfect way to connect with nature, disconnect from technology, and break up the hustle and bustle of your day to day routine. Grab the right board, a wetsuit if needed, some friends, and enjoy the water! 

4. Memorial Day BBQ and Lawn Games

It’s such a classic! Grill up your favorites and set up the games everyone loves. Some of our personal favorites are corn hole, croquet, horse shoes, and bocce ball. Here are some awesome veteran owned small-business that you can support: Rick's Hand Crafted Cornhole Boards, Rollors Game Company, and you can find more at Veteran Owned Businesses 

Memorial Day Camping

5. Camping

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to find campsites off the beaten path. More popular campgrounds will fill up quickly, but there are many less popular gems waiting to be found. Grab your camping equipment, a map, and find your spot to post up for the weekend.

Memorial Day National Cemetery

6. Visit a National Cemetery

Join many Americans across the country by visiting cemeteries and decorating veterans’ graves with flags or flowers. This is a long standing tradition that used to be called Decoration Day before it was renamed Memorial Day in 1968. Even if you don’t know anyone personally who lost their life in combat, this is still a moving and inspiring way to spend Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day Fly Fishing Adventure

7. Fishing

Head out on the ocean, lake, or river and lay your line in the water. Fishing is the perfect way to find peace and quiet relaxation, while all the while awaiting the thrill of setting the hook. Whether you catch the fish of your life or not, get out there and enjoy it.

8. Biking

Have a bike? Take it out for a spin this Memorial Day. Whether you are mountain biking, cycling, or just cruising, biking is a great way to get outside, get active, and travel. Grab some friends and ride to breakfast or a local brewery. Be extra cautious on the streets as there will be more people driving than normal.

Memorial Day Weekend Road Trip

9. Roadtrip

Load up the car and head out to roads less travelled. A well planned road trip is so much more than just being in the car, it includes many of the awesome activities we discussed above. Do some research and start planning your route. Maybe even take that trip to see family or friends that you haven’t seen in awhile! 

10. The many other things you love outdoors

We know there are tons of other amazing things you love to do outside, so if we missed your favorite activity, we would love to hear what it is in the comments! As always, if you need any gear before you go or just want some advice, you know where to find us!


We know Memorial Day weekend tends to draw large crowds in more popular areas, but don’t lose sight of the fact that you get to enjoy the freedoms of exploration, friendship, and peace. When you approach this weekend with understanding and gratitude, it’s hard not to have a great time! 

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  • I wish they could list some spots that everyone can check out u made suggestions but it would b nice to know where good spots r to travel camp and what would be people options cause some people it could b first time trying to do something different and might need suggestions to find more info

    Tina on
  • Thank you for the awesome 10 ideas of what to do this holiday weekend! It’s hard to find something the whole family likes!

    Elizabeth Fleenor on
  • Thank you for the awesome 10 ideas of what to do this holiday weekend! It’s hard to find something the whole family likes!

    Elizabeth Fleenor on
  • I love all of these. I try to partake in weekend activities at least once per month.

    alice on
  • I was raised on a farm in Missouri. I miss it so much and have so many memories of playing outside, hiking, biking, fishing, etc. I loved being outside and did not know being outside had so many benefits!!

    gloria schulte on
  • Backpacking and camping is by far the best way to get outside and enjoy. I prefer beaches and salt water, but that’s because I grew up on a fishing boat, and it’s in my blood. Enjoyed the reading, and hopefully more people will be able to enjoy Memorial Day this way!

    Suzann Kleinfelter on
  • Another fun option for the holiday weekend is attending a hot air balloon event. One great event is in Decatur AL, but there are probably others around the country.

    Sheila Wilshire on
  • All great ideas. One thing I’d recommend is if you are going on a short hike or any close activity and you’re looking for someone to go with you, check your local VA, VFW,or Legion to see if they know of a veteran that might be interested in also going.

    Michael Crosslan on
  • Such a great post. Thanks for all of the ideas! I think a summer BBQ is in my future!!!!

    Hannah on
  • Hi I’m J.P. I’m a vietnam vet I’m 69 now I’m a widower and I have a 5 year old . I;m going to take her camping and fishing this weekend for the first time. wISH US LUCK hOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD TIME.

    John Patrick on

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